Vision Statement:

"Developing confidence and creative problem solving skills by providing the absolute best care and nurturing environment for infants through school age children for them to thrive in and contribute to their community and the world."

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:

"To Provide Quality Child Care in a Family-Oriented Atmosphere with an Emphasis on the Development of a Self-Confident, Well-Rounded Child."

We are a developmental Pre-School with emphasis on READINESS SKILLS and BUILDING SELF ESTEEM.

The program we pursue is geared toward helping the child develop habits of observation, questioning, and listening. It gives the children awareness of their own feelings and of their right to express those feelings by channeling them into other means of expression. The children learn that they are free to make choices. An open-end program like ours prepares the children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks.

Through activities such as cutting, pasting, coloring, and lacing, children develop their FINE MOTOR SKILLS while GROSS MOTOR SKILLS are enhanced through the use of our OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT, MUSIC ACTIVITIES, and LEARNING CENTERS.

Although our program includes such things as LANGUAGE, SCIENCE, FRENCH, COMPUTER LITERACY, and ART, our emphasis is not on academics. We focus on Visual Perception, Discrimination of Details, Sequencing, and "Life" topics such as: Community Helpers, the Telephone, Holidays, the Seasons, and Family, to name a few. We follow a Specialized Developmental Curriculum written specifically for Sugar 'n Spice.

At our school you will not see complicated, abstract meanings the child cannot comprehend. Ideas are our focus - and things to talk about, relate to, compare with, match, fit into, try out, reinforce, invent, discover and enjoy.

  • In order to begin to read and perform other academic tasks the child must first gather meaning from the world and develop an awareness of concepts.
  • In order to gather meaning from the world, the child must have many satisfying sensory motor experiences - he must touch, feel, smell, hear and see. Perceptual development follows: this is how the child interprets his sensory experiences, which is a prerequisite for developing his mind.
  • Sugar 'n Spice Preschools utilizes music and movement in all of our classrooms and programs to promote creativity, individual expression, self-esteem, imagination and appreciation of cultural diversity.