Company Director

Mrs. Jamie has been with Sugar 'n Spice for over 15 years in classroom and administrative settings at multiple locations. Mrs. Jamie has extensive knowledge of the core values and mission of Sugar 'n Spice Preschools. She has an acute understanding of Department of Education Licensing Regulations, Department of Health and Hospitals Health Regulations, Fire Marshal Requirements and other agency rules and regulations. Mrs. Jamie earned a degree in Social Studies Secondary Education from the University of Louisiana after graduating from Acadiana High School. Jamie has attended numerous conferences including the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) conference in Washington DC in 2018 and Child Care Association of Louisiana Conferences twice annually. Her experience in and out of the classroom setting is highlighted by her classroom management and center management skills.

Her role as Company Director is to assist Directors at all locations with regulatory compliance, ongoing company policy/procedure development and implementation, parent communications, USDA Food Program compliance, human resource directives, child development initiatives, innovative research and development initiatives, and more.

Jamie is married to Brooks Arabie and together they have three children, Aubri, Hailee, and Evelyn.