What is Sugar 'n Spice doing to combat the spread of Covid-19 in its facilities?

Sugar 'n Spice is constantly in communication with the Department of Health and is working tirelessly to protect our students and staff daily. Our main priority is maintaining a safe and clean environment. Sugar 'n Spice staff is constantly disinfecting classrooms and surfaces, checking all staff and children's temperature upon arrival, and promoting social distancing in our classrooms. For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit louisianabelieves.com.

My question is not listed above; how can I contact Sugar 'n Spice?

Click on the contact us page for all contact information. Or click here to submit a question to Mr.Jonathan

How do I notify you that my child will be absent from Sugar 'n Spice?

Advance notification of your child's absence is only necessary for school aged children. In this instance, a phone call or email will do. We ask that all Vacation Station parents consider the time it takes for our counselors to call you to check on your children. If your child will be out of school, please contact us.

I would like for my friend to pick my child/children up from Sugar 'n Spice. This person is NOT on the pick-up list; what do I need to do?

First, you should call to let us know. Second, you will need to send us a note that authorizes your child/children to be released to said person. We will accept these notes via fax, email, and text message if that suits you. Please call for contact information specific to each location.

Do you offer any benefits for current clients?

Yes! We have a referral policy as well as a Vacation Policy. Please call and speak to one of our office administrators for more detailed information. (337) 234-6568

I am interested in working at Sugar 'n Spice, are you hiring?

Sugar 'n Spice is always accepting applications. A resume is not required, but respected. All employees, once hired, will submit to a drug screen. A Criminal Background Check is required by the Department of Social Services for all employees at a Class "A" licensed childcare facility.

The Louisiana Department of Labor requires workers under 18 years of age to acquire a hardship license. The Department of Social Services states that an employee must be at least 18 years of age to supervise children at a Class "A" childcare facility.

My son/daughter has a birthday coming up, can I bring a birthday cake to Sugar 'n Spice?

Absolutely! The Department of Health and Safety requires that all food must be store bought. This means that a cake must be baked in a kitchen which has a current inspection by the DHS, and it must be baked by a person who has a license with the DHS.

I would like to visit my child/children during the day, what is your policy regarding this?

Sugar 'n Spice has an open door policy. This means that at any time you wish, during business hours, you may show up, unannounced, to visit your child or children. You may also call at any time to check on your child's day.